Sunday, December 27, 2009

well, 2009 almost the end and here comes 2010. 2009 had the days up and down. its like one glance of eyes one year had pass. hope and pray will be a great year ahead. many things happened this year that i wont forget. good things and bad things happened for a reason, just that sometimes we didnt realise that whether the things that we have done is wrong or right.

for me it doesn't matter anymore. even regrets~ all i have to do is make all thing right again. is just the matter of me do it in the right way or wrong way~ even if i took the wrong way, i still believe and know there is a way to make it right.

2010~ make a decision and try to open everything to ppl. its easy to say but to act, you gotto have a wisdom, think twice and pray for a way before doing anything stupid.

knowing my own strength and weakness is a good thing. whether i use it for a good matter or a bad matter is different story.

strength~ i can follow what people do, i'm a teachable person. anything being teach, i learn it and capture fast, jus the matter i wanna do it or not.

but one day i realized something that i never think of before this year~
confusing huh~

so whats your strength? whats your weakness?
the answer, you have to find on your own. God gave us this strength and weakness and the fruit out of it depends on how we use it~

so next year~ start training


to be continue~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey guys~ its been a while didn't update my blog.. n_n

I'm doing well here in KL and emm...i just finished my exam 1 week ago.
i did bad for some subject because of time management and hopefully for next sems i'll manage my time well and plan everything well.. now having one month holiday nth to do in college in a while and sleep a lot lately and eat lesser coz FAT edi~

In my spiritual life
since it is holiday i'm involve myself in church production for Christmas called Operation Save the World. I'm in a part of dance team. talking about dance, my body KERAT edi~ gain weight somemore jus after 2 semesters. haiz~ but its ok...i'll lose it back so it wont be to tiring when dance. and happy that i'm back in dance team~ and also serve as lighting crew~

tats all for tonight 1st la~ lazy nehx~ kekeke


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yoyoyo~ eldy back in the house tonight~!! YYEEHHAAA~!! okok i think its too over....but who cares!?!?! is my blog anyway....suka hati kulah mau mcm mana pun...kekeke okok...cut story okok nu... vvery tired....whole body pain...muscles pain...everything pain lah....coz dance ministry start liao and my tulang like no oil liao like that...>.< so thats why everywhere pain lo.... today wake and actually going out with frens but canceled coz suddenly tonight need to practice dance...hmm...den fren come to my house here den we went out luch together....den come back home agn lo....hmm...den online agn like kinda WU LIAO lo....den we watch anime...until almost time for dinner...

After dinner leh i went to CHEC for dance practice nu....warm up and sweat a lot...tonight not a lot coming for the practice coz BUSY?? dunno lah...jus feel quiet... so we jus continue practice steps....den i was like jumping up and down...i tell u wa lao leg is like going to...keke...nth lah..jus muscles pain and tired...

this is our dance studio at CHEC.... n_n

i took this pix when practice one knw about it...i put it self-timer...kekeke.....this is wat i mean not many ppl...hmm....

oh least everything is ok... =)

some of my pics... n_n


~Happy Go Lucky~

now jus pray for exciting and fun day to come and if problems come i'll be the problem solver (still learning). also pray for my family and frens to be happy and safe in Jesus mighty name~ Amen!

sign off~ Poof*


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

alo guys... n_n been a while i din open my blog and i hope u guys still visit it..kekeke coz nth much happened lately until today...wake up early in the morning at 7.30am...heheh rare huh...lolx...but ya...i did wake uop at such time coz need to go KL to interview coz i got the offer...i'll tell u wat happened ok...?? sabar~ kekeke....

So this is wat happened...this morning went out to LRT station by my housemate coz i wanna go KL sentral to meet Daniel Chiam...both were excited coz we get to get interview from the same company that we found on the net...we apploed and they called us up for interview... the LRT was like full of ppl.....and the LRT stopped 4 stations along the way and guess one can come in into the LRT...kelian dem lo....and pitty me also kena squeeze inside....>.<>.< but we kinda "Bo Lui"....not dont have we need the money lo...haiz...den now my head thinking wan dun wan dun wan....haiz.... Den there we met a new fren and we went out to lunch together and accompany new fren to buy handphone and we went back home....i was damn tired and rest online for a while den fall to sleep liao....coz the weather is so so so hot... Den evening wake up liao pompom and den went to church for PRAYER MEETING~ met up church frens and praise and worship was heart and my mind is jus in peace....pray to to HIM in heart...lifted all the burdens to HIM asking HIM to guide and the wjole church is jus keep praying....God's presense is so strong. The whole church is so on fire praying out loud...den we listen to the words of God in the bible...Book of JONAH... after finished listening to the audio bible...den we pray for our building fund and church's new excited about it...kekeke.....cant wait.... n_n

This is how our church looks like when we praise and worship...i'll upload more of our church pic...:)

Finally after Prayer meeting we went for supper+dinner...muahaha...fellowship time...most fav time of all...kekeke.....crazy like dunno like wat.... macam-macam ada...kekeke......

hmmm.....i think this all lah for a day...keke....

"so Father God i pay that you protect us and strengthen us the next day so we can walk strong in you O God, and i also pray that you lead us to our destiny God that you had planned for Father once agn i pray for my cell group members and my church frens, leaders and pastor and family that You protect us and bless us with Your mercy and grace....and i pray all that in JESUS name....Amen" n_n

i think pretty gud huh end my blog with prayer all the time...kekeke...

kla...anything jus drop msg or comment...kekeke....

sign off nu *PooF*


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hello guys....welcome back to 3ldy Fantasy doing nth much nia nu..jus guai guai (good boy) stay at home nia.....had my lunch had my hi tea....chatting with bby....den napnap....haiz....dun dare to go out...ltr spend money agn den cham lo me...hikx...these days call me go out i also scared a bit nehx..if spend somemore my money really cant tahan until next month nia...praying very hard nu these days....>.<>

Lighting (^_^)

Audio Visual n_n

Sound ^.^

Church's Stage....(MY BELOVED CHURCH)
well church hall kinda messy a bit...coz tuesday leader's meeting was this moment worship team is practicing and sound, lighting and video crew's also there....n_n sounds cool if u say u serve GOD....but it is not hard, keep urself strong in faith and build urself up inside and outside And SERVE GOD~!!!!! WOO~!!


(Today's Message)
Be a Broken Vessel.....So He can use and move inside of you.....
He jus wan your heart's brokeness before HIM...

so tats my msg to u and i'm gonna sign off



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starting with myself these days nth much to post coz din went out..not totally dun went out jus that din took any pix...keke lazy nia...nth special about it so din a few still in fren's FOOD..haha W9 love FOOD...keke well...i think i'll jus post some pix that i took for fun.... Here we go... n_n




SHOULD TRY.......n_n

DIM SUM BUFFET ( i miss it...i wanna go eat agn...) Pearl Point


KIM GARY~ yumyum~!!!

i guess thats all for tonight...i gonna go sleep liao....upload agn tmr...keke night guys...

Sign off


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Enjoy (^_^)

Hi guys...i'm back here sat nth much to do and i woke up late agn...dunno why like piggy like that as bby always say...hehehe...if not bby msg me i wont wake up lo this morning...and i got sleep back agn for half and hour...ops...hehe...den go pompom and everything den chat with bby a while den go out lunch with housemate nu...


My lunch box for today...hehehe...(cute lunch box)

deb after that went to change money and go church lo... =) den meet some frens in church and is my turn to serve tonight...i serve in lighting i prepared everything parcan and moving heads all ready...den when i switched on one of the lights run out of position....i was like OH NO~!!!...den i call there and here....PANIC
* den i also dunno wat i'm panicing with...actually i can settle i carry the scaft-folding and ask 3 brothers in the church to help me...den i move back the light position...den i was like PHIEW~ hehe

after that service start and it was not bad at all... =) den went to a fren's cell group and play guitar for dem...over roll is not bad...i did few mistakes but lucky its not so obvious....kekeke....den we went for fellowship... =) den come back home and doing nth much....hehe...resting...

Jus praying for exciting day ahead...hehe...

Do Not Lose Your Joy....

Nehemiah 8:10

Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength

so ya....enjoy urself and dun let ppl surround you make u feel unhappy and stress =) enjoy...relax... thats wat i learn in service tonight....wanna knw more about it...?? ( jus go to this website and listen to the online sermon)

tats all for tonight~

!3ldy! sign off...

God Bless +